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PC Guard computer enclosures are effective, reliable and require minimal space. Our computer enclosures are designed for users to always have easy access to their proctected equipment. PC Guard have a range of computer enclosures that suit many industiral organisation that require security and storage.
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Protect Standard PC's in hostile environments. Slim-Line Computer Enclosure Only 300 mm deep
  • Wall or trolley mountable
  • Sealed to IP65, can be jet washed
  • LCD/TFT display included in price
  • Rubber keyboard and mouse sealed to IP65 included in the price.
  • Uses standard desktop or tower PC's. You can use your current corporate standard PC and your current maintenance company.
  • The cost effective way to use computers in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Upgrade your computers in the future without having to change your PC protection.
  • Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel.

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