computer cabinet made of steel waterproof keyboards

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waterproof keyboards for industrial use supplied by

waterproof keyboards ideal for protecting computer equipment

waterproof keyboards are designed specifically for protection in food processing and pharmaceutical companies. The waterproof keyboards are made from a silicone based material and provides flexible and ease of us in harsh environments such as factories, mining and construction sites. All our keyboards are set to Nema 4 and IP65 specifications and can withstand jet wash cleaning and not lose the lettering on the keyboards.

Why use a waterproof keyboard?
The waterproof keyboard provides ease of use in factory conditions it comes made from silicone so is flexible and easy to store away unlike normal keyboards. The keyboards are IP65 standard thus withstanding jet wash cleaning making them ideal for factory use, these can be plugged into any normal pc or computer using USB connection and alongside a computer enclosure provides the all round computer protection package

Is there any setup or installation required?
Very little as we at PC Guard implement all the options that you have asked for so the fans, fan filters, wires, plugs etc. are assembled when the unit arrives at your door. All that is required by you is to put the unit where you want it to stand, then plug in your computer equipment and let it load up and your unit is then fully functional after only a few minutes