Computer Enclosure

Computer enclosures for security and protection of computer hardware, sealed to IP 54.

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Protection for Computers
Enclosures to protect PC and computer hardware in industrial and commercial applications, ensuring security of computer and electronic equipment. PC Guard have a range of high quality products to suit many industrial and commercial applications from enclosures to Industrial waterproof stainless steel computers sealed to IP65.

Our experience has been the basis for the development of our own products and the development of enclosures to suit our customer's requirement and budget.

Computer Enclosure

Computer enclosureFeatures are

  • Filtered air supply with positive internal pressure to prevent dust and dirt from entering

  • Sealed doors, front sealed to IP54 to keep dust and fluids out

  • Lexon anti scratch and anti shatter window

  • 4-Way mains distribution unit

  • Epoxy powder coated metal case

  • Supplied fully assembled ready to use

  • Optional stand for printer either enclosed or open.

  • Lockable door front and back for security and easy access.

When designing a computer enclosure we looked at what customers really needed and designed manufacturing cost out so that we could drive the price down, achieving a better price for you.

Computer enclosure to protect PC's

Width 610 | Depth 650 | Height 750 | Weight 37

Price each

Pedestal stand

Computer enclosure standPedestal Stand to support PC-Guard

Width 610 | Depth 650 | Height 900 | Weight 5 |

Price each

Open printer stand

printer standWidth 610 | Depth 650 | Height 900 | Weight 6 |

Price each

Lockable Printer Enclosure

Printer EnclosureWidth 610 | Depth 650 | Height 900 | Weight 25 |

Price each

Lockable keyboard draw for computer enclosure

Keyboard enclosureWidth 610 | Depth 650 | Height 140 | Weight 5|

Price each

Industrial keyboard IP65

Industrial keyboardMore information Click here

Price each

Custom enclosures

Special custom  enclosure TFT touch display with bar code laser scanner in the door

Slim line TFT touch screen pc guard.

Touch screen PC guard

Contact PC Guard for information on other enclosure products, optional extras or specials.

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