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Industrial Bar Code Scanner Sealed to IP65 / NEMA 4

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Industrial Bar Code ScannerStainless steel industrial barcode scanner sealed to IP65 ensures the PC-Guard LS65 Bar Code Scanner continues to operate properly in hostile environments. Protecting your investment and ensuring that your production continues to function at full capacity 24 hours a day.

Interface Options
Keyboard wedge
Serial RS232
Bar-Code wand emulation
Reads all bar-code formats Wall or table mount Industrial Bar Code Scannerunits available.

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Protect Desktop Computers.

computer cabinetsProtect PC's in an hostile environment with a Computer Enclosures they make your desktop into a rugged PC using a computer cabinet made of steel.Our pc enclosures are made of steel with a filtered air supply as are all our protective computer enclosures .

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Computer protectionComputer dust protection is essential to ensure reliable operation in hostile environments.

In addition computer physical security is assured by the steel case of the PC-Guard computer protection enclosure .

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