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Touch Screen Slimline Enclosures

Touch screen slimline waterproof enclosure to protect desktop PC’s in factory environments. With a 15” TFT monitor mounted in the door, a rubber keyboard and rubber mouse all sealed to IP65, the tower or desktop PC sits protected inside the stainless steel enclosure.

The PC-Guard Slim-line enclosure can be wall, trolley, bench or pedestal mounted

Slimline PC-Guard With TFT Touch Screen

Slimline PC-Guard With TFT Touch ScreenCase: Steel case IP54 or Stainless steel case sealed to IP65
Screen Touch Screen 15” TFT colour
Power Via IP68 connector
Power supply unit Four way distribution board
Network Connector for Ethernet

Slimline PC-Guard +15” TFT monitor

Stainless steel case IP65 Screen
15” TFT colour
Power Via IP68 connector
Power supply unit Four way distribution board
Keyboard External rubber QWERTY IP65 NEMA 4
Mouse External rubber Hand held IP65/NEMA4
Network IP68 connector for Ethernet

Slimline PC-Guard+15” TFT monitor

Width 610 | Depth 300 | Height 750 |

Manufactured in stainless steel and sealed to IP65, the PC-Guard enclosure will allow a standard desktop to operate properly in hostile environments. Protecting your investment and ensuring that your production continues to function at full capacity 24 hours a day.

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Waterproof Enclosures.

Computer enclosureUse a Waterproof enclosures to protect computers and PC's. Our 316 stainless steel enclosures are sealed to IP65 and will accept up to a 19" screen and processor unit.
In wet areas a Waterproof enclosures and desktop PC is the low cost alternative to an Industrial PC's .

Laser Printer Enclosure

Laser Printer Enclosure for use in food processing and wash down environments.For more information Contact PC Guard

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