Waterproof Computers

Waterproof Computers in stainless steel case sealed to IP65 - NEMA 4, for food manufacturing and processing companies. These Waterproof computers can be jet washed clean.
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Being manufactured in Stainless Steel and sealed to IP65 this ensures the PC Guard PCT-65 waterproof computer continues to operate properly in hostile environments. This means been able to Protect your investment and ensuring that your production continues to function at full capacity 24 hours a day.
When you need to hose down a desktop or Industrial PC with high pressure water jets you know what will happen, but this is exactly the environment that PC-Guards stainless steel computers, terminals and laser scanners are designed and built for. With them being sealed to IP65 you can be confident that a PC-Guard product is purpose designed for hostile wet environments.

PCT-65 Workstations, a robust design configured to work in hostile environments.

IPC Waterproof Industrial PCInterface Options

  • Integral barcode laser scanner.

  • Printer enclosure for bar-coded job tickets.

  • Integral temperature controlled heater ensures that if the PCT-65 workstation temperature drops below 15 deg C the heater switches on to keep the electronics at the correct operating temperature.

  • Waterproof mouse sealed to IP65.

IP65 Pentium PC with 12.1 TFT screen and stainless steel enclosure.

Industrial PC (IPC) in waterproof stainless steel case sealed to IP67, or IP 65, for food manufacturing and processing companies. The PCT-67 can be jet washed clean. TFT active matrix 12.1 inch colour screen
Lexon window
Pentium class processor,
64 MB memory
Windows NT
Heater auto switch on at 15degC
Hard drive
External interface by IP65 connectors with screw on protective caps for power, keyboard, RS232 for com port 1 and Ethernet (CAT5/RJ45 to IP68 connector).

Galleon PCT-65P

Waterproof computerWorkstation Case Stainless Steel case, wall mounted, sealed to IP65
Processor Pentium class
Screen 12.1" TFT Colour LCD
Memory 64 MB
Hard Disk Drive
Pointing device Integrated into the front case
Power supply unit 240V via IP68 connectorBus 1 ISA and 1 PCI Serial ports Com 1 connected to IP68 Com 2 internal
Printer port Internal Keyboard Integral membrane QWERTY Operating system Windows NT
Network Ethernet 10/100Mbps
Heater auto switch on at 15degC

Options required (Ordered with PCT-65P)

Product code

IP68 plug connector to terminate CAT5 cable


External IP68 connector for com port 2 (RS232 serial)


External IP68 connector for Mouse


Stainless steel IP65 hand held Laser scanner


Barcode Laser scanner sealed to IP 65 / NEMA 4

Stainless steel IP65 hand held Laser scanner

Bar code scanner IP65 and NEMA 4
Manufactured in Stainless Steel and sealed to IP65 ensures the PC-Guard LS65 Bar-Code
Scanner continues to operate properly in hostile environments. Protecting your investment and ensuring that your production continues to function at full capacity 24 hours a day.

Interface Options
Keyboard wedge
Serial RS232
Bar-Code wand emulation
Reads all bar-code formats Wall or table mount units available.

Custom Laser scanners available

waterproof bar code laser scanner

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Computer cabinets and computer enclosures to protect desktop pc's in the workplace.

Both stainless steel and mild steel computer cabinet

Waterproof Enclosures.

Computer enclosureUse a Waterproof enclosures to protect computers and PC's. Our 316 stainless steel enclosures are sealed to IP65 and will accept up to a 19" screen and processor unit.
In wet areas a Waterproof enclosures and desktop PC is the low cost alternative to an Industrial PC's.

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