Waterproof Keyboards

Waterproof Keyboardssealed to IP65 Standard provide protection for your computer Peripherals that work alongside our computer enclosures
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This truly resilient industrial keyboard is specifically designed to allow use in hazardous environments. This works alongside our computer enclosures to ensure complete protection in hazadous environments

For use in factory floors, mining, construction sites, chemical workshops, laboratories and outdoor areas.

Our keyboards all conform to IP 65 (waterproof) Standard.

Industrial keyboard IP 65

Can be kept cleaned with household detergents thus making it easy to maintain.

Letters on the keyboard are guaranteed not to rub off or fade.

For more information Please Contact PC Guard for more details.

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Industrial Bar Code Scanner

Industrial bar code scannerWaterproof Industrial Bar Code Scanner sealed to IP65 in a stainless steel

LCD Touch Screens

Touch screenSlimline enclosure and touch screen provide a elegant wall mountable industrial solution offering touch screen technology at an affordable price.


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