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Industrial Mouse Ideal for industrial, laboratory or medical use

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A waterproof industrial mouse that plugs into a standard mouse port, but can be used in almost any environment, due to it's rubber case sealing it to IP65.

It is very easy to clean and to disinfect which is the reason many hospitals, labs and doctors in the world are using this mouse. Contact PC Guard for details.

Contact PC Guard for more details.

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computer cabinetsProtect PC's in an hostile environment with a Computer Enclosures they make your desktop into a rugged PC using a computer cabinet made of steel.Our pc enclosures are made of steel with a filtered air supply as are all our protective computer enclosures .

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Computer protectionComputer dust protection is essential to ensure reliable operation in hostile environments.

In addition computer physical security is assured by the steel case of the PC-Guard computer protection enclosure .

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